This is a template for a Workout calendar that can be embedded into daily, weekly, monthly journals to schedule and track your workout routines.

EXPLANATION The main workout Calendar Template below is the Master Database where you schedule your workouts and track progress and notes. By itself it's unstructured data and overwhelming to look at, but the magic comes in how your embed and filter the data base in your journal or Dashboard. Below the databases I provided some examples for how I embed the workout calendar in my journal so that it works for me.

The 4 other databases can we thought of as libraries of workouts that I have put together, that I can recall in my main workout and visualize in different ways. I have left my workouts in the databases as examples.

HOW TO USE. The 4 "library" databases are linked to the main Workout Calendar. In "Scheduling View" you simply click on a day to create a page. In the new page you will see properties related to the various library. Click on the property, and choose the workout you want to do that day. The movements will be shown in the rollup. This is important, because depending on how you choose to view the workout calendar, you can show and hide properties to suit your needs.

I like to schedule in Monthly View, and then add notes and track progress in Week and Day View. It makes sense for me with the way I use my journal.

I hope this helps and gives you a good idea of how I organize my workouts in Notion.

Workout Calendar - TEMPLATE

Strength Routines - TEMPLATE

Conditioning - TEMPLATE

Classes - TEMPLATE



Workout Calendar - TEMPLATE


Workout Calendar - TEMPLATE


Workout Calendar - TEMPLATE